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PART 241 - T100-Alaskan Air Carrier Weekly Market Report


OMB No: 2138-0040



RECORD DESCRIPTION: T100 Alaskan Air Carrier Traffic and Capacity Data On-Flight Market

Field Description Data Type Length Comments Sample Data
Data Type Character 1 One letter code (M) M
Entity code Character 5 Five character code assigned by DOT 06000
Year of Data Numeric 4 Year (CCYY) 2010
Month of Data Numeric 2 Month (MM) 05
Day of Service Numeric 2 Day of month the service was performed – for use by USPS Only 27
Origin Airport Character 3 Three letter OAG airport code FAI
Destination Airport Character 3 Three letter OAG airport code GAL
Service Class Character 1 One letter service class code: F, G, L, N, P, R F
Market Passengers enplaned Numeric 7 Up to seven numeric, reported market passengers 3
Market Freight Enplaned Numeric 10 Up to ten numeric, reported in pounds 239
Market Mail Enplaned Numeric 10 Up to ten numeric, reported in pounds 1000


The T100 – Alaskan Air Carrier Weekly Market Report reports must be created as an electronic “comma separated values” file, using ASCII text character encoding, for uploading via the “eSubmit” application.

The comma separated values file MUST BE indicated when naming the file, by using the letters [CSV] or [csv] following the file name, as the file name extension.

The file name is flexible and may be determined by the individual air carrier, but the comma separated values (csv) file format is required, as outlined in the rule entitled, Submitting Airline Data via the Internet.

The fields in the sample record shown below follow the same order as the above record description, separated by commas, and saved with the file name extension of .csv.

Suggested file name: XX201003-T100AKMKT.csv

Sample Record Format: