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PART 298 - Form 298C F-1 Report of Financial Data Report


OMB NO: 2138-0009



RECORD DESCRIPTION: F-1 Report of Financial Data Report

Field Description Data Type Length Comments Sample Data
Carrier code Character 3 Two Character IATA code or
Three Character DOT assigned code
Carrier entity code Numeric 5 DOT assigned code 01111
Year Numeric 4 Year (CCYY) 2010
Month Numeric 2 Month (MM) 03
Total Operating Revenues
(line 1 on the F1 form)
Numeric --- Include all gross revenues accrued from air transportation and air transportation-related services. This includes revenues derived from scheduled and non-scheduled operations, essential air service compensation, and transport-related revenue such as in-flight sales, restaurant and food service (ground), rental of equipment or property, limousine service, pick-up and delivery charges, and fixed-base operations involving the selling or servicing of aircraft, flying instructions, charter flights, etc. 12345.01
Total Operating Expenses
(line 2 on the F1 form)
Numeric --- These are the expenses incurred in the performance of air transportation and air transportation-related services. This includes all operating expenses expended in generating the revenues reported on Line (1). Such as: in-flight operating of an aircraft, holding of an aircraft and crew for flight assignment, ground control, traffic handling, selling of transportation, landing fees, promoting the development of transportation, repair and upkeep of property and equipment used in the performance of air transportation, depreciation and amortization expenses, insurance, general and administrative expenses, all expenses associated with the transport-related revenues that were included on Line (1) and all other expenses that are related to air transport operations. 12345.02
Net Income
(line 3 on the F1 form)
Numeric --- Do not compute net income by subtracting Line (2) from Line (1). Net income includes - the operating profit or loss recognized during the period except for prior period adjustments. You should have some type of non-operating revenues and expenses, i.e., interest income or expense, gains or losses from equipment sales, extraordinary gains or losses, state or Federal income taxes etc. These items must be included in the net income computation. -1234.03
Passenger Revenues
(line 4 on the F1 form)
Numeric --- These are the revenues generated from the transportation of passengers in scheduled service. Do not include cargo revenues, mail pay, excess baggage charges, subsidy payments, charter/on-demand revenues, or taxes collected by the air carrier as an agent for the State or Federal Government. 12345.04
Total PFC Liability at Beginning of Period
(line 5 on the F1 form)
Numeric --- This is the balance of PFC collected but not remitted at the beginning of the quarter. This amount equals the ending balance of the prior quarter. 12345.05
Total Amount Collected in Trust for Public Agencies
(line 6 on the F1 form)
Numeric --- This is the amount of PFCs collected in the quarterly period. 12345.06
Total Amount Remitted to public Agencies
(line 7 on the F1 form)
Numeric --- This is the total amount of PFCs paid by the carrier to public agencies during the quarter 12345.07
Adjustments(Collection Compensation, PFC Refunds)<
(line 8 on the F1 form)
Numeric --- Equals the amount of money the air carrier is allowed to keep as compensation as the agent for collecting the PFCs plus any refunds of PFCs paid to passengers or the passengers’ agents 12345.08
Total PFC Liability at End of Period
(line 9 on the F1 form)
Numeric --- Equals the balance of PFCs collected but not remitted, refunded or paid to the carrier as
compensation at the end of the reporting quarter.


The Form 298C - F-1 Report of Financial Data Report must be created as an electronic “comma separated values” file, using ASCII text character encoding, for uploading via the “eSubmit” application.

The comma separated values file MUST BE indicated when naming the file, by using the letters [CSV] or [csv] following the file name, as the file name extension.

The file name is flexible and may be determined by the individual air carrier, but the comma separated values (csv) file format is required, as outlined in the rule entitled, Submitting Airline Data via the Internet.

The fields in the sample record shown below follow the same order as the above record description, separated by commas, and saved with the file name extension of .csv.

Suggested file name: XX201003-Form298C-F1.csv

Sample Record Format: